Paint with the material of cyberspace.

Cyber Paint lets you paint and draw in virtual reality. It’s a creative tool and a space for self expression that uses data as material.

Welcome to Cyber Paint

Paint with digital algorithms, trippy effects, glitchy data, and more traditional paint-like materials. Experience impossible colors only visible in VR by painting with different colors per-eye.

Paint with the rational magic of cyberspace in Cyber Paint.

Get Immersed

Create a 360 Photosphere, landscape, portrait, or square shaped painting.

See the impossible

See impossible colors by painting with different colors per-eye in Color Rivalry mode.

Take Control

Express the speed, rotation, touch and twist of your controller as brush size, opacity, color and more.

Express yourself

Travel to new worlds and paint what you see, or how you feel. Then share your cyber paintings with your friends!

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